Live Music for Social Events

As a string quartet, we offer live music for all social events: balls, corporate celebrations, graduations, matriculations, banquets and banquets not only in Hradec Králové, Pardubice and its surroundings.

Musical Accompaniment Not Only for Company Parties

We accompanied various social events. We played at balls, conferences, social evenings or matriculations of the University of Hradec Králové, during the reopening of the Museum of Eastern Bohemia in Hradec Králové, as well as at the Chemical Olympics, dentists' conference, the anniversary of the Medical Faculty of Charles University, but also in the furnace at the European Heritage Days in Jeníkovice brickyard or on the 50th anniversary of the construction company Isover, and many other occasions.

Hradec Králové String Quartet at the Ball of the University of Hradec Králové
Hradec Králové String Quartet at the Ball of the University of Hradec Králové

Music for Every Occasion

We like to adapt the selection of songs to the type of every event. We play classical music as well as contemporary popular music. If you are interested, we can compile a short or even full-length program or prepare your favorite melodies specially for your event.

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Details for Cooperation

We can play in most of the places acoustically, for larger events (from about 80 guests, or in acoustically less favorable spaces) we recommend adding a sound system, which we are able to provide as well. We do not need anything from you apart from enough space and four chairs for our production (possibly changing room). We recommend booking the date several months in advance.

Hradec Králové String Quartet at the University of Hradec Králové - 13th International Meeting on Cholinesterases and 7th International Conference on Paraoxonas
Musical knowledge quiz organized by the Hradec Králové String Quartet in the cultural AC club in Hradec Králové

Do You Want to Liven Up Your Event?

Listening to our music also offers an active version combined with an interactive quiz that anyone can participate in. With the help of music demonstrations and appropriately compiled questions, we can draw all listeners into the music of the evening. The quiz can be a short pass, as well as the main entertainment program with the winning prize for the most successful.

Musical Entertainment for Teambuildings

The course of the quiz can take various forms, which we will be happy to create together with you for the event. Several member teams, as well as individuals, can compete. The theme of the quiz may not only be classical, film, or popular music, but also the knowledge of sounds, musical puzzles, and ciphers, or a combination of all.

You can try the music quiz sample on our website for free here. We wish you a pleasant game. 🙂

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Performance of the Hradec Králové String Quartet at a corporate event at the Bonato Hotel in Náchod