Educational Concerts

Are you an organizer, educator, or just an active parent looking for out-of-school education of children and youth in the field of culture? Then we will be happy to work with you, as it is important to cultivate respect for the youngest generation with respect for art and especially for live music. Musical taste is influenced by the music with which children come into contact. So let them know something new and leave it to them to see if they like it.

Violin Across Genres

As the name suggests, this play will introduce you to the violin and everything that can be played on it. In addition to musical demonstrations performed by the Hradec Králové String Quartet, you can look forward to seeing different periods and styles through dance, performed by the Honza Pokusil Dance Theater.

Educational performance of the Violin Across Genres - the Hradec Králové Quartet and the Honza Pokusil Dance Theater
Hradec Králové String Quartet - Diana Bartáková and Jaromír Křováček, theatrical performance Violin Across Genres

Violin Across Genres

The performance is full of musical examples from prehistory through Baroque, Classicism, Romanticism, modernism to contemporary film or popular music. It is suitable for all ages, but from a pedagogical point of view, it brings the best benefits to those who already know something about the development of music and will help them consolidate their knowledge.

You can watch the sample here.

Custom Educational Concert

It is also possible to have an educational concert tailored to the pupils, according to age, focus, experience and thus follow up on the educational plan of their respective school. The artistic director of the Hradec Králové String Quartet Alena Kašparová studied educational concerts in her bachelor's and master's theses at the Faculty of Education in the University of Hradec Králové.

Educational performance of the Violin Across Genres - the Hradec Králové String Quartet and the Honza Pokusil Dance Theater
Music competition quiz of the Hradec Králové String Quartet - AC Klub October 2019

Music Competition

Because kids love to compete, we also offer an interactive music quiz that tests not only the musical knowledge, insight, and skills of children or adults in a fun way. 😊

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